Chinese Nuclear Style Firecracker: This Video Will Make You Think It’s The Start Of World War III

People in different countries celebrate the coming of the New Year in different ways.

The video shows over one million firecrackers being set off in succession on the streets of an Asian town. It could be identified the location in China, but several commenters have suggested that this stunt actually took place in Taiwan.

Imagine cities fogged over not from low-laying clouds, but smog from firecrackers and sparklers. That is what to expect in China, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, and other countries within the area during New Year’s Eve.

The combined explosions create a massive, burning cloud of smoke that sorrounds the air, and near the end of the clip video, you’ll see pedestrians attempting to plug their ears to dull what’s likely a deafening sound from the explosion.

Now, to be fair, one million firecrackers is not a world record. Back in 2006, the Fireworks Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin, broke two firecracker world records at the time. According to Inquisitr, they are the most firecrackers lit in one megastring (10,500,000) and the most firecrackers on one superstring. You can check out the records being broken in the attached video below.