Ellen Adarna Reacts To Naked Pictures Leak

Nude scandal rocked both Hollywood and the US tech industry earlier this month after an apparent massive hack of a cloud data service released a torrent of intimate pictures of celebrities onto the Internet.

Anonymous imags to online message boards featured of having nude pictures of scores of female stars including Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and top model Kate Upton.

Meanwhile Philippines actress and sexy star Ellen Adarna has become a victim of a naked pictures hack and nude photos of the Filipino actress are circulating widely.

Ellen Adarna Reacts To Naked Pictures Leak

© Ellen Adarna Instagram

The pictures were taken for the April 2014 edition of Esquire magazine, which featured Adarna on the cover.

The photos were taken by photographer Jake Versoza were never used in the magazine and in most cases weren’t in the possession of the magazine.

Esquire encouraged people not to share and spread the said Ellen Adarna‘s nude photos.

“It is apparent as well to Esquire magazine that its own rights, as well as that of photographer Jake Versoza, have been infringed. We will take the proper measured action to protect its rights. Most importantly, we urge all not to participate in the dissemination of sensitive images that were not intended for public consumption by the one person whose rights and dignity above all else’s should be respected at this time.”

Ellen took to Instagram and said:

“Yesterday I received good and bad news. Today will be a f******g good day. Moving on… I’ll just keep telling myself that in the end everything is gonna be okay, if it’s not ok it’s not the end (my mantra since 15) #neverfailsme hahaha Have a good day y’all! Good Morning!”

She also posted the quote, “I honestly see no point in dwelling on what could have been. You either make it happen, or you simply chase a greater opportunity.”