French Woman Guilty of Sex Attacks on Plumbers

A 50-year-old woman from the town of Arras, France was slapped with a 12-month sentence for assaulting a pair of poor plumbers who came over just to fix her radiators. The woman was found guilty of sexually abusing two plumbers who had visited her house to mend a leak today has apologized to the men.

The two pipe fitters turned up to help the very alcoholic woman out of a jam with her plumbing. But she had other “pipes” that needed cleaning, if you know what I mean. She made some serious advances on the plumbers. She was trying to get her one-up on, but both of them declined on saving the princess.

The 50-year-old French housewife made lewd suggestions to a pair of plumbers and rubbed up against their bottoms. When they resisted her advances she reacted furiously, smacking one of them across the face

Reports also say that the woman attempted to force herself onto their behind’s when they would bend over to continue their work. When the men once again refused the woman’s sexual advances, she reportedly got angry and struck one of them in the face. The men then fled the scene out of fear but returned to the house the next day with a police officer to get their things.

When the police and building superintendent came through, she slapped one or both of them and got her drink on, and also got arrested.

Anyway, she told the courts she was sorry and that the altercation was due mostly to the booze she was constantly drinking, so the sentence is suspended, meaning no jail time will be served.


  • Joey Ramone

    Article left out the most important factor….was she hot?