Grand Mom Fights Back Against Carjacking Attempt

An Indianapolis grandmother stood up to a bunch of teenage would-be car thieves by refusing to give them the keys to her minivan.

Last Sunday in Indianapolis, a 67-year-old grandmother who was carjacked at gunpoint made it through the ordeal with her car and her life.

Kay Kise had just returned to her home on North Randolph Street around 8 p.m. after doing some holiday shopping. She had opened her minivan’s sliding door when three 16-year-old boys stopped and asked for directions. She began telling them, but it was a ploy, and one boy pulled a gun and said “Give me the keys to that van.”

Kay slapped the gun away and said, “You’re not getting my van!” Then the punk pistol-whipped her, and the 67-year-old lost consciousness.

She’s not sure how many times she was hit, but she has several facial fractures, bleeding on her brain and her left eye is swollen shut.

Luckily, her 13-year-old neighbor saw Kay unconscious in her car and yelled for help. Kay woke up in the back seat of her van with keys in hand, as well as fractured bones in her face.

Kay Kise told Fox 59 news, “I know it’s just a vehicle, but it’s the only thing I’ve got, and I don’t have no money to buy another one with. So they weren’t going to take it from me.”

Kise’s granddaughter hopes the teenage suspects will think about what they’ve done, and turn themselves in to police.

Police are searching for Kay Kise’s assailants.

News source (s): Fox59 Mail Online