Hairy Biker Has Reassignment Surgery To Become a Lady

Samantha Denning, 47, always felt like a woman trapped in a male body and has face years of abuse at the hand of bullies.

She said she’d always felt more comfortable in girls clothing than in boys clothing, often sneaking into her sister’s room to try on her clothes and use her make up.

Samantha said she’d never fit in well at school and was often bullied by the other boys. One time a bully caved her head in and she was hospitalized for months.

She began attempting to act more like a masculine guy, growing a beard, lifting weights, riding hogs and wearing leather.

It didn’t help to make her happier with herself.

One night when she was 32-years-old, she turned on the TV and stumbled across a documentary on gender reassignment.

So with support from her nephew and eventually from her parents, after four years of hormone therapy, Sam finally had the surgery to become Samantha.

She had an operation at Charing Cross Hospital to turn her penis into a vagina on September 29, just after her 47th birthday.

Samantha now works in Bristol as a counselor at an LGBT center.