LOOK: Woman & Doctor Kill Baby For Insurance Money

An Italian woman and her doctor were arrested after killing the 37-year-old’s newly born child as part of allegedly insurance scam.

The woman had been seven months pregnant when she arrived at hospital, claiming she’d been in a car accident.

Her doctor was contacted and arrived to induce labor, delivering the baby prematurely. The doctor then neglected to provide any medical care to newborn who minutes later died of suffocation.

Nurses later told police that the doctor had induced the labor and if the premature baby had been provided with oxygen, it’s chances for survival were high.

The woman and the doctor had allegedly prearranged a medical insurance scam and were planning on splitting the take. They are currently under well-deserved house arrest for infanticide, forgery, fraud, embezzlement and corruption.

This case is just one among an investigation launched by police looking at 144 cases of medical insurance fraud.