LOOK: Pennsylvania Teenager Faces 2 Years in Prison Over Sexual Joke

Imagine yourself having a “good” child who’s starting to act out. Suddenly, he’s pushing your buttons, failing to comply and disrespecting with your rules and the bad attitude has soared through the roof of your house. You then have to ask yourself why? what did I do wrong? What happened to your child?

Pennsylvania Teenager Faces 2 Years in Prison For Simulating Oral Sex With Jesus Statue

You have a reasonable belief you have a very good parenting, so what’s really going on? What’s behind these changes in your kid—and more importantly, how can parents control and deal with the situation effectively?

How are you going to deal with a kind of behavior where a kid is involved in a sexual joke with a Jesus statue. Take the case of a fourteen-year old teen in Everett, Pennsylvania where he simulated oral sex with the statue, taking photos of the lewd joke then posting it on Facebook and later on discovered by the authorities. This kid is seriously in trouble.

According to news report, officials in Bedford County charged the teen (whose name hasn’t been named) with desecration of a venerated object, invoking a 1972 Pennsylvania statute that criminalizes “defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.”

Here are some of the reactions from the people:

- How absolutely Christian of all of you to suggest he be beaten and punished. This is one case where you guys are actually following the word of god. If this was a Ronald McDonald statue no one would give a damn. I sure don’t.

- My wife just took and passed the US Citizenship test. One of the questions on the test was about religion and the answer included the following words: “Citizens have the right to belong to any religious group and they also have the right to have no religious affiliation.” Now, unless you live in Iran; the offending of, or the humiliation of your god is not a crime. (You may not like it, but it’s not a crime.) These charges violate his right to the freedom of speech. The government’s act of filing charges against this young man because he’s offended the majority’s (YOUR) religion is also a violation of the Establishment (of religion) Clause in the US Constitution. The actual crime that’s occurred is the government filing charges against him: They’ve violated his civil rights.

- I don’t see the issue. It’s okay for priests to take advantage of kids, but not a kid to do it to a statue. This is funny.

- Bedford county free press you are so pathetic. And to all you people saying that you need to pray for him because he doesn’t have Jesus in his heart. Have you ever taken into consideration that he doesn’t believe in that??? Plus he’s a kid. You are picking on a kid. You guys are so worthless.

-Apparently there is a parenting issue here. The boy needs his ass kicked. That’s the problem nowadays. No discipline. We need to start kicking these kids asses like the days of old and stop the babying bullshit.

You’d think an appropriate punishment for a kid violating this seldom-invoked law might be picking up trash or, at worst, paying a fine. If convicted, he faces much worse: two years in juvenile detention.

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  • Zyn Abila

    Stupid comment that one there. It is NOT OKAY for priests to molest children! That’s why they get punished for it!

  • Lestat

    Gosh this boy is seriously in trouble, stupid!

  • Jaime

    siraulo lang?!

  • Luisa C.

    This is a sick joke. Not funny at all.