Mayweather Has Two Conditions Before He Fights Pacquiao

If there’s any match that all the boxing fans wants to see, that would be  the fight between Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and American fighter Floyd Mayweather.

However, the undefeated Mayweather who recently improved his record to 47-0 after defeating Marcos Maidana, continues to make it difficult for the match to happen with his never ending terms and conditions.

Mayweather issued two more demands for a fight with the Pacquiao to push through.

“If the Pacquiao fight does happen, it has to happen on Showtime pay-per-view only and Mayweather Promotions have to do the fight,” Mayweather told ESPN UK.

Mayweather has contract with Showtime and CBS, but Pacquiao usually fights on HBO. Moreover, the “Pacman” is promoted by Top Rank Promotions and Bob Arum.

Mayweather earlier announced that he is planning to retire in 2015.  His next fight will be in May 2015 and plans to finish his career in September.

“At the moment, I want to go home, have a break, spend some time with my children, and then see who’s next in May (2015),” he said.

“Hopefully, it’s Manny Pacquiao,” he added.