VIRAL: Couple Shares Details Of Nightmare With Wedding Coordinator

I bet that there are plenty of reasons that women before they get engaged, immediately start compiling all their guest lists, think of the wedding venues and a lot more. We owe everything to our wedding coordinators. Don’t get me wrong the planning of a wedding is indeed fun but it feels ultimately great when you don’t have to do anything on your big day and let your wedding coordinators do everything else for you.

I am jut curious, has anyone ever been to a wedding that was just so horrible? What made it so bad? What are the details that matter? I’ve been to one supremley, amazingly disgusting wedding. From start to finish, the bride and groom made every wrong decision. From not providing seats for their guests during the wedding to having it at possibly the worst hotel reception. Well like I said, it was horrendous from top to bottom.

And the worst thing is that the bride and groom seemed to not care about their guests experience at all and not even realize that it was the only wedding they would ever get~ their impatience to “just get married” ruined their wedding day.

VIRAL: Couple Shares Details Of Nightmare With Wedding Coordinators

“BLOW UP PICTURE” A huge frame with 4R picture

What happens when you experience a terrible wedding coordinators instead? An interesting blog was written to warn those who are getting married to properly scrutinize their wedding coordinators. Can you imagine the hassle of waiting and waiting until you get pissed because after 6 long months a wedding coordinator is still giving you a difficult time for not delivering what was originally promised.

Here’s their side of the story but names will not be published for privacy related issues:

Kumuha kami ng coordinator/organizer para sa wedding namin. We searched online and found “G”. And because we were both busy at that time, we checked their website and infairness mukang ok naman sila. So we called the number posted on their site at nakausap namin si “A”. Nagset kami ng meeting, she showed some Wedding Packages para makapili kami. At nakailang meeting din kami before nagkapirmahan ng contract at before kami magdown ng bayad.

On our wedding day, we paid them in full na para wala na kami intindihin. Pero before pa lang ng wedding madami na kami naging problema like, ilang beses inulit yung invitation kasi hindi nila sinunod yung ginawa namin, ilang beses kami nag-reschedule ng meeting kasi madalas silang hindi pwede, kaya late lahat, last minute lahat, etc. On our wedding day, madami pa din naging problema like, kulang ang chairs na dumating, most of my relatives including my grandma nakatayo, walang maupuan, madami pa, kaya ang gulo, worried kami mag asawa the whole time, kaya hindi kami STRESS-FREE nung wedding day namin. Hay. After all the stress before and on our wedding day, 1 month after, we were expecting to get all the materials included in our Wedding Package just like we agreed.

1. Full video coverage
2. Wedding pictures
3. Pre Nup pictures
4. Magazine Type Album
5. Blow up picture
6. Our old photos they used on the SDE

It has been 6 months after the wedding but the couple has not received all the materials they needed.

Did you ever have the same bad experience too? We love to hear your story.


  • Trina

    That Blow up Picture blew me away!

  • Gerald

    Meron na ba tayong consumer protection dito? To protect people from the businesses na hindi sumunod sa agreement? Parang ang labo na ng case na to.

  • Jonie

    Kung sakin nangyari yan ewan ko nalang sobrang frustration talaga kasi yun lang mga memories mo during that time. Kelan ka na ulit ikakasal after 25 years? Matagal tagal pa yun