[WATCH] Coleen Garcia Reacts On Alleged Video Scandal

Coleen Garcia finally speak up about the alleged video scandal that went viral online at the time that Billy Crawford was sent to jail after getting drunk and breaking a glass door at the BGC Police Station.

In a live interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Garcia said she is 100% sure that she is not the girl in the alleged scandal even though she has not seen the video yet.

The Facebook link claims that the video scandal of Garcia is the reason why Crawford went berserk at the BGC Police Station. It then encourages the user to share the link in order to watch the alleged video scandal. However, once you click on the link, you will just  be redirected to a webpage that doesn’t have the video.

“There were so many other things that I needed to fix. Alam ko naman na hindi totoo ‘yun so when I when heard about it, I really just heard about it. I didn’t click any links or anything. Sinabi ko na that’s impossible so I brushed it aside na kaagad,” Coleen said in the interview.

Watch the full interview here: