WATCH: Surveillance Video Shows Moments Before Police Killed Black Cosplayer

As the media remains focused on covering the Michael Brown story, we’ve learned new details of another black man who was shot down in September. Darrien Hunt was shot dead by Saratoga, Utah police as he was cosplaying as an anime character and wielding a replica samurai sword.

The surveillance footage shows that he was dressed as a samurai. His family says he was carrying a non-sharp replica sword, and was an anime fan who was cosplaying as a samurai character from a popular anime series. The cops shot him 6 times in the back while he was fleeing for his life.

The video contradicts earlier statements by police that Hunt swung the sword at the police officers before they began shooting him.

Somebody at the gas station called 911 when they spotted Hunt. Police caught up with Hunt in the parking lot of the Cyprus Credit Union. They then stepped out of the vehicle to chat with him. A bystander even snapped a photo of Hunt smiling while talking with the officers.

Police say Hunt then lunged at them with the samurai sword but there’s no video to confirm this. What is known for sure is police fired at least two shots at Hunt, striking him in the arm. Hunt ran from the officers after being shot and the officers pursued on foot.

Hunt ran about 100 yards from where police first approached him. The officers caught up with him in front of the Panda Express, where they peppered his back with four more bullets. Hunt died at the scene.

After a 2-month-long investigation, Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman said the shooting was justified. Cpl. Matthew Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson are scheduled to be reinstated to active duty on the Saratoga police force after they complete some additional training.

Hunt’s family contests that he attacked the cops, and they say the 2 1/2-foot sword, which did not have a sharp edge, was bought at a gift shop and was purely decorative. Hunt, who left behind notebooks full of manga-style drawings, was wearing a red top and blue pants at the time of his death.

H/T: Gawker