WATCH: Tearjerker Viral Video Makes Bullies Look So Bad

Another inspirational video of a young boy being bullied by his classmates because he was not good when it comes to playing guitar, until one day they found out the heartbreaking reason behind it.

Have you ever seen someone being bullied? Bullying is when a person or a group of people insult or humiliate you in public. If no, then you must be lucky. If yes, then sorry because we believe bullying is awful, which in fact, probably the worst things that can ever happen to anybody. I know the feeling, because I was bullied too most of my school years.

When life is going pretty well, gratitude allows us to celebrate and cherish the goodness. But what happens when life goes badly? Then that’s a different story. I have often been asked if people can—or even should—feel grateful under such misfortune and difficult circumstances.

Imagine yourself dealing with the worst times in your life, your sorrows, your losses, your sadness. We should not bully someone regardless of how stupid they look. We never know what kind of struggles they have been through. It’s just not right if we make fun of them and make their lives even more difficult.

In this video a young boy was bullied for playing a music with his out of tune guitar and that’s when his peers started bullying him until one day they found out who he was playing the music for.