Actor Robin Williams Died of Asphyxia Due to Hanging

Oscar winner Robin Williams died from asphyxia due to hanging Monday morning.

The actor’s cause of death was announced by Marin County Sheriff’s department during a press conference. Marin County Sheriff’s Lt. Keith Boyd told reporters that Williams had hanged himself with a belt and had cut himself with a pocket knife.

Williams’s personal assistant became concerned on Monday morning when Williams failed to respond to knocks on his bedroom door at his home in Tiburon, California. Williams’s assistant got into the room and found the actor unresponsive with a belt around his neck, suspended in a seated position above the floor, with the belt “wedged between the closed closet door and the door frame,” investigators said in a statement.

Investigators also found several superficial cuts on the inside of Williams‘ left wrist and a pocket knife with a closed blade was located close to his body.

Investigation is still ongoing and they are still waiting for the toxicology report to determine if there were any chemicals in his system. Results will be released in two to six weeks.

Sources: EOnline,Washington Post