Ariana Grande Denies Authenticity of Alleged Leaked Nude Photos

Ariana Grande has finally broken her silence to reassure fans that she is not a victim of the alleged leaked Nude Photos that rocked Hollywood.

There were speculations that Ariana was among the hollywood stars whose shots were making rounds on the internet on Sunday and a series of photos appeared to show her in different state of poses without her clothes on.

Ariana Grande Photo Credits: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A representative for the singer denied the snaps were real, and now the singer has reached out to set the record straight herself.

In a series of posts on Twitter, she writes, “To every1 (everyone) going on about my ‘nudes’… (They are not) real! My lil a— is a lot cuter than that… But for real tho whoever thought those were actually me…. love u but I’m praying for u ..”