Iggy Azalea Scandal: Hackers Threaten to Release Iggy Azalea Sex Tape

Rumors circulating that rapper Azalea Banks have the hacking group Anonymous on her side in her ongoing feud with rapper Iggy Azalea.

The Twitter war started a couple weeks ago when Banks accused the Australian rapper of enjoying success by appropriating black culture, yet remaining quiet on protests against cop-on-black violence in the US. As pop-musicians are wont to do, Iggy responded defensively, and found herself neck-deep in the quagmire of American race relations.

Iggy Azalea Scandal: Hackers Threaten to Release Iggy Azalea Sex Tape © Mirror

Enter Anonymous, or some branch of Anonymous who are Azealia Banks fans. The internet’s self-appointed defenders of justice threatened to release frames from Iggy Azalea’s long awaited sex tape if she doesn’t comply with their arbitrary demands for an apology to Banks and to protesters.

Unfortunately, this Anonymous individual or group doesn’t see any contradiction between their stated quest for justice, and slut shaming a woman whose ex-boyfriend filmed her against her will.

Banks, who is African-American, has accused Iggy, who is white, of copying black rappers and hip hop stars to make herself famous.

“That Iggy Azalea s**t isn’t better than any f***ing black girl that’s rapping today, you know?” Banks told the radio station Hot 97 last week. “When they give those awards out — because the Grammys are supposed to be accolades of artistic excellence, you know what I mean? Iggy Azalea is not excellent. When they give these Grammys out, all it says to white kids is: ‘Oh yeah, you’re great, you’re amazing, you can do whatever you put your mind to.’ And it says to black kids: ‘You don’t have s**t. You don’t own s**t, not even the s**t you created for yourself,’ and it makes me upset.”

Banks replied on Twitter referring to Iggy as “Itchy Areola”:

According to source, a man Iggy lived with in Atlanta in 2009, the producer Hefe Wine, was reportedly shopping around a sex tape he said he has starring himself and Iggy. She has denied such a sex tape exists, and is reportedly suing Wine for stealing data from her computer.