UPDATED: Sites Containing Leaked Nude Images Trying To Delete Photos

The second release of leaked nude images started appearing on 4Chan on Saturday morning and obviously more seem to be posted every few hours.

According to media source, a lot of the sensitive photos were deleted due to the site’s new policy on copyright infringement, but threads full of X-rated photos continue to spread like wild fire.

Administrators on website 4Chan are struggling to get the situation under control as they attempted to delete old threads however new threads continue to pop up.


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Users are re-posting a link to the full collection of stolen images which shows Jennifer Lawrence in a number of uncompromising positions.

The Hunger Games star is yet to comment on the new leaked naked images but her representative admitted the previous explicit snaps were real and called the scandal a “flagrant violation of privacy.”

Meanwhile Users of the anonymous site 4Chan have laughed off any attempt to catch the hackers and those re-posing the images.

A new explicit images of a topless Jennifer Lawrence were shared on a thread then one user mocked the FBI’s investigation.

“Do they really think that they have any chance of stopping us? We will just make a new thread every time one gets 404’ed.”

It is thought the threads are closed once they reach a certain number and new discussions are started as the spread of naked photographs continues on the site.