VIRAL: Boyfriend Catches His Girlfriend Cheating With Another Man

At one point everyone comes across a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. The typical scenario is a woman who discovered her boyfriend of five years was sneaking around with another woman. However, this was not your average boyfriend and girlfriend scenario.

kung pano ko pingsigawan s mundo pgmamahal ko sau nuon, ganun ko din ipagsisigawan kahayupang ginawa mo sken, hayup ka iya mendoza..kapal ng mukha mo pra isend mo sken mga pictures nyo ng hayup mong lalaki habang nsa barko ako, walang kasing kapal ang mukha mo pra isakay p lalaki mo s kotse ko at ipadrive mo pa..sasabihin pa ng tito mo at ng pinsan mo n d matibay n evidence yang mga pics n yan..kapal ng mga mukha nyo!!! hindi p kau nhulog s bangin habang dala nyo kotse ko mga imoral!
While out of the country, Jeffrey Manayao discovered that Iya Mendoza was cheating on him. This is according to a Facebook status posted on July 31, 2014.
The social media post started by Jefferson Manayao are currently making rounds online. Many believe that Manayao gets sympathy from netizens because realistically we know how difficult it is to work outside of the country to earn money for their loved ones, only to find out you’re being cheated on. Iya Mendoza with (rumored) Boyfriend.
“Award winner for Bad-Ass girl of the year?  Let’s just wait for the girl’s side of the story.  This is just the beginning of their chapter I bet there’s more to follow.This is just some of the several breakups that have gone viral in the past couple months. Recently, there were news about a girl reportedly packing her things into her car after her boyfriend dumped her and kicked her out and musician Jonathan Mann and his girlfriend Ivory announced the end to their five-year relationship via a YouTube video.

Via Jefferson Manayao