LOOK: Tarlac’s First Kulinarya Cup With Contestants From Colleges With HRM, Tourism, Culinary Arts & Other Related Courses

There’s no doubt that tourism is one of the most important thing in Tarlac simply because it has great role in its local economy. The significance of tourism industry lies in providing job opportunities for its people. From here the local government pays great attention to this field. Admittedly, it can build new infrastuctures with all means of facilities. Today, we can sum up by saying that tourism in Tarlac is like water and air, so we must do our best to benefit from it.

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It is said that the month of September is the best time to travel for tourists who like to visit an affordable destination. Other advantages that a people would get while traveling in September are perfect weather conditions, it is an auspicious time to travel, airfare is low, and accommodation prices also fall steeply.

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Now if you are one of the lucky people to get a chance to go for a holiday during this time, then I encourage you to visit Tarlac, typically you will love it for its inherent or exhibited cultural value, significance in natural and man-made attractions and other amusement opportunities.


The judging was incredibly strict and the food was of an impressive standard. Photo via ©Juanderfulpinoy.com

On Saturday, September 13, I personally witnessed the first Kulinarya Cup, the very first culinary competition of its kind in Tarlac proudly launched and initiated by Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau with the support of the local government of Tarlac.

Kulinarya Cup TCVB

The Tarlac Culinary Cup is just one of the several projects of TCVB that encourages learning, camaraderie and skills development within Tarlac’s culinary world. It also has the patronage of the most important culinary names in the province and participated by various colleges in Tarlac.

Kulinarya Cup TCVB

It was exciting and humbling to see the first culinary competition come to life and feels ultimately great to see what high culinary standards Tarlac has. The judging was incredibly strict and the food was of an impressive standard.

Kulinarya Cup TCVB

Participants from various colleges had a couple of hours to complete their menu for the judges to make the decision.

Kulinarya Cup TCVB

Tough Decisions To Make Photo Courtesy © Ces Macuha

Each of the team created a very unique, exciting and tasty dishes with several ingredients. The judging of the competition was tough and the panel was made up of top chefs in the region.

Kulinarya Cup TCVB

The First Kulinarya Cup was tough and the results were incredibly close, but there could be only one winner. The winners walked away with the winner’s certificate of recognition, trophy and the title of first-ever Culinary Cup champion in Tarlac.

The first Tarlac Kulinary cup is a project of Tcvb Tarlac Cvb showcasing cooking skills of students of CHST, USST, TSAT, PWU and STI-Tarlac.

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    I’m missing home, I’m glad that Tarlac now embraces the power of social media. Thanks for promoting Tarlac and to the organizers of the first culinary cup in Tarlac.

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    I ony got to appreciate the contribution made by Ninoy Aquino when I happen to visit the Ninoy Aquino Museum thanks to the author for promoting the significance of tourism industry in Tarlac. I’m so glad that the local government and the non government organization are active when it comes to social events like this. Good Job Tarlac!

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    Congratulations Tarlac!

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    Indeed TSAT is the over all winner hopefully soon make your info reliable. God bless.

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      Congratulations TSAT for bagging the grand prize.

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    Regardless who the winners are CHST, USST, TSAT, PWU and STI-Tarlac, still the participants of the first Kulinarya cup win. Thanks for featuring Tarlac Province.

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    It’s a great start Tarlac! Congratulations to all the participants.

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