This Is What Happens To People Who Are Addicted To Taking Their Selfiess, Don’t Miss The Last 7 Seconds

Selfie is actually an epidemic in the social media world, and everyone – from celebrities to politicians to your best friend – is participating. It’s a weird phenomenon in which the photographer is also the subject of the photo with a rebellious twist on a traditional photograph.

Over one million selfies are taken each day with the intention of being shared on Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, Twitter or any other sort of social networking site.

Some selfies are extreme close-ups, others show part of an arm held straight outward and a few of the great ones even feature the subject standing in front of a mirror so that they can capture their reflection.

But this one is a different story. This viral video of a couple having their dinner dates is circulating over the internet like wild fire.

This video will show you a couple trying to eat their meals. It appears that they are on a date trying to spend time with each other.

The boy then noticed that the girl was not eating her meals you’ll be surprised what he did. Don’t miss the last 7 seconds.