What NOT To Post On Facebook: Viral Tongue Kissing In Selfie Photo Collage

How Concerned Should We Be With How These Kids Use Social Media

Checking out the updates on your newsfeed, you see the same friend updating his status over and over again. Not any interesting ones, but just posts about what they’re doing every ten minutes. How exciting is that? You decide to hide his posts.

Familiar? Probably. It’s annoying because no one is really interested in their friends’ everyday normal activities, yet it just keeps showing up in their updates. Spice up your status updates a little. Instead of telling your friends you’re in the can taking a leak, share something interesting about yourself.

The world indeed has gone selfie-crazy.

A recent study found that selfless taken of a couple, known as relies, are a sign of a strong relationship, but The relfie, or ‘relationship selfie’ can quickly become annoying for friends if they see an obscene images like this photo collage created by teenagers.

What NOT To Post On Facebook: How Concerned Should We Be With How These Kids Use Social Media Photo Courtesy © Cool Buster

We were alerted by a friend who spotted this Selfie Photo Collage on Cool Buster website.

These baby teens in the controversial selfie have not been identified. In one of the photos can be seen a dirty finger photo and another image of what appeared to be sticking out their tongues together in an obscene way.

Young people may think ‘image’ like these are harmless but it can leave them vulnerable to blackmail where someone may threaten to share these pictures to their family and friends.