LOOK: Is That Leaked Nude Photos of Ex PBB All in Housemate Axel Torres Circulating Online Real?

In case you missed it, there’s an explicit images of Axel Torres bouncing around social media. We’re not going to lie, it looks legitimate.

Searching for something on the web we came upon this here “leaked” photo of Ex PBB All in Housemate Axel Torres showing off his manhood.  We had to look twice because we missed it looking at the picture the first time.  But true enough – he’s naked & showing off his woody.

We don’t want to burst your bubble guys, but looking at that alleged nude photo of Axel Torres making it’s way online, we are unable to confirm if it’s real or photoshopped.

Is That Leaked Nude Photos of Ex PBB All in Housemate Axel Torres Spreading Online Real?

The photo is touted as having been “leaked.”

We don’t know if we buy it but we’ll take it anyway.

Fashion Pulis is one of the websites that had leaked the said scandal photos, stating the source is coming from one of its readers. An online commenter noted, “This is what happens when you decide to dump a girl to please the fans of a PBB love team that didn’t even take off after a reality show stint ,” which prompted another to ask if the former is the ex girlfriend who recorded the sex video.

A sex scandal video, if any, from which the scandalous photos of Axel Torres were taken, is yet to surface.

Axel has been linked to fellow PBB housemates Aina Solano and Jane Oineza during their stint in the said reality show.

large quantity of nude and semi-nude photos of Hollywood actors, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice and Kate Upton leaked on the internet, appearing first on the /b/ thread on 4chan in the last couple of months.

No word yet on any male celebrity nude leaks from the anonymous hacker.


  • Marinella

    Sana talaga basketball na lang pinagbuti niya and not showbiz

  • LivinlavidaLuka

    This is him. Confirmed po yan.

  • rubirabbit

    CONFIRMED! Pakilabas po yung walang censor? at yung vidoe ng link.

  • unanimousdecision

    video link pls!!

  • Lupita

    Naglalaway na ko charot!

  • lilianson

    omg dakilang mandirigma

  • Mimi

    Hinfi pa namamayagpag ang career, mukhang lalagapak na agad. Tsk, tsk.

  • mitoychondria

    I think this one is legit.