American Woman Stabbed To Death By Burqa-Clad Person In Abu Dhabi Mall

A 37-year-old American mother only known by the initials A. B. R. got into an altercation with a person dressed in an abaya and niqab in the public restroom of the Boutik Mall.

At some point, the cloaked figure raises a sharp weapon and stabs the woman. The person then escaped from the scene. Due to the all-covering niqab, the attacker’s gender isn’t known at this time, but it was all caught on video.

Police were able to recover the weapon, but unfortunately the American mother lost her life in the attack.

Police said a veiled woman stabbed American schoolteacher Ibolya Ryan, 47, during a fight in a restroom at the high-end Boutik Mall on Reem Island on Monday.

The alleged attacker was fully covered, donning an abaya — a black, full-length gown traditionally worn by Emirati women — black gloves, a face cover and a hijab, or head scarf, police said. She fled the mall after the attack.

An hour after the stabbing incident, the suspect then planted a home-made bomb outside the house of a Muslim Egyptian-American doctor, Sheikh Saif said. But the device, which was made of small gas cylinders, a lighter, glue and nails, was successfully dismantled after one of the man’s sons found it.

According to news report, the suspect has been arrested and identified only as in 30s and a UAE national.

The victim is survived by her twin 11 year old boys, who are currently in foster care awaiting their father’s arrival from the US.

News source: DailyMail