WATCH: ‘English Only, Please’ vs ‘I Fine..Thank You..Love You’

The plot of I Fine, Thank You, Love You focuses on a teacher, Pleng, who is asked by a Japanese student leaving for the United States to tell her boyfriend Yim that she wants to break up with him.

Yim then blames Pleng for mastering his girlfriend’s English skills and nags her to teach him to speak English, so that he too can go to the US and get his girl back. The tutor initially does not want to teach Yim, a factory worker, but she later agrees to help him. As the English lessons continue the duo start to learn about each other and gradually fall in love.

Leading cast members of this film include Sunny Suwanmethanon, Preechaya “Ice” Pongthananikorn and Japanese adult video star Sora Aoi.

In ‘English Only, Please’, Derek plays a New Yorker who comes to Manila in search for a capable tutor who can help him translate his angry letter to a half-Pinay ex-girlfriend who broke his heart.

Derek’s character Julian meets a top-notch English-Filipino tutor by the name of Tere (played by Jennylyn Mercado). As they work together on polishing Julian’s Filipino skills, a funny and most unlikely romantic story ensues.