LOOK: Jake Gyllenhaal Unrecognisable With Huge Biceps & Rock-Hard Abs

Jake Gyllenhaal would be one of the last people we’d stick in a boxing ring and back with confidence - but seeing him in his new role, we’ve been proven wrong.

He packed on tons of muscle for his new movie and is unrecognizable!

The brokeback mountain star is completely unrecognizable as he takes on the role of a championship boxer in upcoming film Southpaw.

Showing off his rock-hard abs, chiseled biceps and generally large frame, Jake can be seen in a teaser picture pulling a seriously terrifying expression in the ring, as he plays Billy ‘The Great Hope’.

Jake Gyllenhaal is unrecognisable in new boxing film

With a bloodied face and determined expression, it’s the opposite to his roles in Brokeback Mountain.