Sunshine Cruz Files Child Abuse Case Against Cesar Montano

Actress Sunshine Cruz filed a case of violence against minor daughters and child abuse against her ex-husband, Cesar Montano, at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on February 3, 2015.

In a report from GMA, Sunshine filed an affidavit which states that Cesar acted inappropriately in front of their three children when they stayed overnight at his home on November 16, 2014. She also presented handwritten notes from the kids saying that Cesar allegedly masturbated in full view of the kids while they were in bed watching a movie.

Cesar and Sunshine have been separated since 2013 and their daughters spend time in their father’s home from time to time.

“The children themselves, sila po ang nagsumbong sa nanay nila kung ano po ang nangyari at ano po ang ginawa po ni Mr. Montano. From what the mother has told me, and from what the children have been feeling, they’re not comfortable anymore to be around their father,” Atty. Carlo Bonifacio Alentajan, Sunshine’s lawyer said.

No official statement has been released yet from the camp of Montano.