Texas Police Respond To Report Of Suicide Attempt; Police Discover Four Dead After 9-Year-Old’s 911 Call

An investigation is ongoing after a 9-year-old boy’s phone call lead police to an “assumed murder-suicide”. Two adult women, an adult man, and a young girl are dead.

Police responding to a call about a suicide attempt found four bodies in a Crowley home Sunday.

A man, two women and a girl were discovered dead in the 200 block of Kennedy Drive, near the Fort Worth city limits.

Local authorities has not released the names and the cause of death yet. Police said the girl who died was younger than 16.

Crowley Police Chief Luis Soler said a 9-year-old boy in the home had called a relative, saying a man there had hurt himself in a suicide attempt, Huffpost reported.

The relative called 911 about 4:15 p.m. When authorities arrived a few minutes later, they found the bodies.

The boy, who was the only surviving witness to what happened in the home, was not injured and was in protective custody.

The four appeared to be “a family unit,” but it was not immediately clear exactly how they were related.

Local officials found no indication of a forced entry and that the initial investigation suggests it was an isolated incident. He said it was too early to call the incident a murder-suicide and said authorities would probably be at the scene all night.