Who Won ‘The Voice’ 2014? Season 7 Winner Revealed! Did the Right Artist Win?

Finalists Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien and Chris Jamison learn which of them is the new Voice champion.

America seemed to be divided about Craig Wayne Boyd’s win against Matt McAndrew on “The Voice.”

NBC’s hit US TV talent competition had its grand finale, with Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien and Chris Jamison emerging as the top four artists based on text and online votes, as well as music downloads.

The winner of The Voice 2014 season 7 is Craig Wayne Boyd!

Carson reads the fourth place artist – it’s Damien.
Next is third place and it’s Chris Jamison.
Craig Wayne Boyd wins it!
That puts Matt McAndrew in second.

Netizens shared both positive and negative comments on his win.

-People , especially young people , really underestimate the power of voting via cell , text and website . That is how I vote cuz I don’t do ITunes and millions of older people vote using those other methods too . Plus probably Chris and Matt’s votes were split by young people - I only voted for Chris for many weeks - I sure hope both he and Matt get signed and I am 60 years old but I see both as very marketable which is all the Voice really cares about - $ .

- Wow so the voice really is rigged. Matt was always the top contestant, had almost all his songs in the top 10 charts. You’re gonna tell me a guy who was ok, but never at the same level as Matt won? K. It’s not the fact that Matt or Chris lost to a mediocre singer, it’s the fact that it’s so clear how rigged this show is. I’m happy for both Matt and Chris, they’re not going to be stuck with the horrible label that The voice gives out. I’m out 100%, I’ve forgiven the voice on so many rigged results but this I can’t.

- These are the WORST results ever on this show! How do you have the #1 song on iTunes, IN THE FINAL, the most top 10s out of all the contestants, the top selling The Voice album, and end up in 2nd place??? Oh, cumulative sales don’t count? ok. Last night Matt’s original song DOUBLED Craig’s in sales! 62K vs 31K. It makes no sense! I’m sorry, but Matt IS The Voice.

- The most successful singers the show has produced are the only Country singers who have won (Until now). That means that the Country voting block, if there is such a thing, is relatively small since it isn’t capable of pushing through a mediocre singer. For a country singer to win they have to be good enough to win non-country fans too. So I suspect that Craig will do very well post show. Danielle and Cassadee have done really well since their seasons.

- To be honest here, Matt’s a league on his own and every time he sings we all know that he’ll take us into another world and even though he didn’t win the voice, he’s still the winner in my mind, and to be honest he’s better off being runner-up than winner because winners usually disappear, and he’s going to be offered a record deal very soon. And if he keeps putting out music like Wasted Love he’ll be a grammy material for sure.
McFandrew FAN FOREVER!!!!!

- I’m done with this bullsh*t every country singer has to win! They don’t even become that big U can see in every voice and singing competition there a flop like the xfactor season 2 with tate Stevens his record deal dropped him! Wow matt is still the winner country people just don’t count anymore!

- Seriously, the best choice for a coach HAS to be Blake Shelton. He has won 4 out of 7 seasons I believe. And I can’t believe Craig Wayne Boyd won! This is crazy! I really thought Matt or Damien had it.