LOOK: Floyd Mayweather Killed by Internet Death Hoax

Reports of Mayweather’s death were greatly exaggerated.

The American professional boxer was the latest victim of an increasingly popular hoax on social media. The hoax usually involves celebrities and claims that a particular celebrity is dead. Usually the claim is followed by an elaborate story detailing how the boxer died.

Fans were shocked and many have expressed their condolences for the world-renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., but the American Professional boxer is alive and kicking.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. died of an apparent massive drug overdose after he took a deadly cocktail of cocaine and liquor in an article posted on despiertatico.com.

The recent news regarding the death of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a hoax.

LOOK: Floyd Mayweather Killed by Internet Death Hoax © despiertatico.com

According to  news media site Kickerdailythe internet death hoax presented with detailed but falsified evidence for the death of Mayweather Jr.

The original article states:

Mayweather Jr.  was found unconscious on one of the sofas in his home in Malibu by a cleaning staff who arrived in the morning. The boxer’s body was supposedly unmoving and was topped with plenty of cocaine and hard drinks.

The staff was not named but he quickly called the authorities to report the incident.

Mayweather Jr.  was allegedly brought to the emergency room of medical center Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, California.

Despite all hoax, Mayweather Jr. has ignored the hoax and remains silent on the issue.