The Woman Eater: Cannibal Kills Wife & Sisters

A court has allowed a suspected cannibal accused of killing his wife and her two sisters and then eating their bodies to walk the streets.

Convicted rapist Vasile Lavric, dubbed ‘the Women Eater’, argued it would ruin his car mechanic business if he were kept in jail ahead of his trial.

And a court was forced to agree and release him because the bungled police investigation has already taken such a long time.

Vasile Lavric, age 60, is accused of murdering and eating his third wife and her younger sisters.

Police discovered human bones in Lavric’s backyard and there is evidence that the bones have been cooked and eaten.

Lavric-also a convicted rapist-argued that his business would be affected if he were held until the date of his trial and a judge relented, considering the fact that the case has dragged due to a lack of evidence.

In particular, a lack of bodies.

The 60-year-old suspected cannibal was arrested in April over allegations he killed his 18-year-old wife, Nicoleta and her two sisters Iuliana and Ramona Lordache.

Lavric is accused of murdering his third wife, whom he married when she was just 18. Lavric claims that she moved away, when he started an affair with her youngest sister who was only 13 at the time. The youngest sister became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, she moved in with him after she became pregnant but disappeared.

Despite the fact that her older and younger sisters had disappeared while living under Lavric’s roof, the middle sister also chose to move in with the 60-year-old man two months after her eldest sister disappeared. She has also never been heard from since.

Police are unable to attach an electronic tracking device on Lavric, but drop by his house periodically to ensure that he is complying with his curfew.